Qcode Release Log

Please note: patches classified as "beta" should be carefully tested on one or two nodes prior to further deployment. Beta patches may be frequently updated; the date code will be changed when that happens. Also note: patches dated after June 1, 2006, are not tested to work with Qcode 2.5, and Qcode 2.5 or earlier CAN NOT be upgraded to 3.x in the field. Your Qcode 2.5 CF will need to upgraded by Qorvus; there is a $100 per CF charge for this service unless you are a "gold" or "platinum" service package subscriber, in which case you pay only for the media and shipping.

Release Description Status Last Updated Qupdate
4.5r2 New release for Qcode, using updated 9.3.3 Atheros madwifi drivers. Adds support for XR-series radios. Reduced interference susceptibility, net system bandwidth of over 40 Mb/s under ideal conditions. Stable 11-20-12 4.5
4.0 New release for Qcode, using revised kernel and updated Atheros madwifi drivers. Adds support for Alix board. Greatly improved system bandwidth of over 20 Mb/s net data throughput on second hop under lab conditions. Stable 11-24-08 New CF
3.50 Combined release for Qcode 3.X, adds improved reliability for parameter changes in GUI during brown-outs, improved Active Nodes display in GUI, adds save and restore of system parameters from central server, IP camera auto-detect and configuration (meshcam version). Stable 12-1-07 3.50
3.25 Combined release for Qcode 3.X, Adds 900 Mhz support, improved splash logic, GUI enhancments, CF error checking, better Atheros support and poor-link recovery algorithms. Stable 5-7-07 3.25
3.18 Combined release for Qcode 3.X, Adds CMUPS compatability, new splashd and associated logic, GUI changes, dns, et, & searcher fixes. Stable 9-18-2006 3.18
3.11 Combined patch release for Qcode 3.1, Fixes WRAP hardware watchdog driver issue, DHCP start up issue for gateways, and adds the 2nd radio meshing turn off Stable 4-25-2006 3.11
3.1 New Release of Qcode – updates problems found in 3.0, ad-hoc support for Atheros radios, requires base build dev106 or higher Stable 3-11-2006 3.1
2.5 New Release of Qcode Stable


2.4 New Release of Qcode Stable


2.3 New Release of Qcode Stable


2.2 New Release of Qcode Stable


2.1 New Release of Qcode Stable


2.0.1 New Release of Qcode Stable 4-18-2004


Patch log

Release Description Status Last Updated Qupdate
patch Adds support for Verizon and Sprint cellular data modems Stable 12-17-2013 3Gto45-4
patch Adds a once-daily reboot function with reboot time selectable from a drop-down menu under the General tab in the GUI Stable 2-17-2010 gen100211
patch Latest stable Atheros drivers with reliability enhancements, adds support for XR-series modular radios. NOTE- after this patch is applied, do not apply any earlier patches without specific instructions from Qorvus tech support! stable 3-19-2009 mw0933-7
patch Adds 5 Ghz Turbo support to Qcode 4 domestic release – caution – if your nodes are already on channel 160, 152, 58, 50, or 42 (turbo channels) prior to installing this patch, they will come back up in turbo mode and will not communicate with nodes that do not have this patch applied. stable 5-25-2008 athc080523nk
patch Brings Qcode 4.0rc2 Beta up to date with latest bug-fixes stable 2-11-2008 v40tocurrent
patch Improves performance and stability of Atheros radios in managed / autoscan mode and adds checks for CPU loading. FOR DOMESTIC USE- does not support export or gov’t channels! Beta 1-08-2008 athc080108
patch Stores last valid time from time-server on CF; uses that to update internal clock if time-server is off-line Beta 1-08-2008 wst080211
patch Improves accuracy of Active Nodes list in GUI, and of the reporter command on the command-line Beta 1-05-2008 hrfix080105
patch Allows you to store and retrieve individual node settings from the Qorvus server using the Command Line interface. "storews" saves, "restorews" restores node settings from last save. Note this is NOT the same as the local save using the GUI. Beta 12-01-2007 storews-03
patch Improves accuracy of updating the time of day Stable 10-16-2007 ct071016
patch Improves error recovery and link-recovery speed during intermittent radio-link interference issues. Adds channels 161 & 165. NOTE: This patch does NOT support legacy 5.3 Ghz installations Beta 1-8-2008 athc080108
patch Improves error recovery and link-recovery speed during intermittent radio-link interference issues. Adds channels 161 & 165. NOTE: This patch is for legacy 5.3 Ghz / non-US installations only Beta 9-18-2007 call us
patch Improves reliability and adds several functions to the command-line setting and setw programs. "setting -l" shows all node settings in a scrollable list. "setting -w (string)" shows all settings containing that string. Setw (node parameter) (new setting) changes node parameter to new setting. Stable 10-10-2007 setw-06
patch Fixes several potential radio setup issues during bootup Beta 5-8-2007 wdsloc070508
patch Improves CF stability and resistance to corruption in case of brown-outs during r/w cycles Stable 4-4-2007 mkjrnl070404
patch Improves Atheros performance and adds 900 Mhz for Ubiquiti SR9 radios. Stable 1-31-2007 ath070131
patch Fixes initial user authentication issue when using Mozilla Firefox web browser. Stable 1-24-2007 ff070123
patch Provides compatabity with CMUPS / Wiana for radius,automac,vpn authentication, bandwidth shaping, and $Remotemac variable. Stable 9-21-2006 cmups060921
patch Resolves issue where serial number is occasionally removed Stable 9-15-2006 etfix060915
patch Adds the option to select or deselect the use of WIANA’s Auto Access Server to the "Captive Portal" page in the "Administrative Web Site"(GUI) Stable 8-23-2006 aafix060823
patch Allows use of LW VPN server for passwords instead of local GUI Stable 7-3-2006 vpnlw070306
patch New splashtest logic, speeds restart, and allows associated client sessions to continue uninterupted during restartsThis patch has been updated, and its new name is splashtfix060802.  This patch has been tested ONLY on Qcode 3.1x Stable 7-27-2006 splashtfix060802
patch Replaces stock splashd with new, faster version that supports the $remotemac variable (does not yet support login with Firefox) Beta 7-11-2006 hmsplashd060711
patch Fixed automac bug in LW radius. Beta 6-26-2006 radiusfix062606
patch This patch has been updated!  So, it has a new name, dnsfix061506. Moves the working directory of the DNS cache to /tmp directory and away from the CF, improving reliability and dns lookup speed. Stable 6-17-2006 dnsfix061506
patch Fixed a problem with the of 2.5 – 2/8/2006 version of Qcode and the GUI signal meter not working correctly. Stable 5-3-2006 radiofix050306
patch Fixed a problem with some Atheros radios staying in managed mode if the unit was set to startup in master (AP) mode Stable 4-26-2006 atheros042506
patch For all versions of Qcode. Contains a fix that will help prevent corrupted wiana.settings files after the system has been operating for extended periods of time. Stable 4-23-2006 fstab042306
patch for Qcode 2.5 address a problem with the HostAP radio fragmentation getting set to 65534 causing radios to not respond properly. Stable 4-13-2006 fragfix
patch LW OS splashd Stable 4-3-2006 splashd03292006

Turns off the 2nd radio meshing functions for dual radio boxes using all versions of Qcode. See this post for instructions.

Stable 3-23-2006 radio2wdsoff
patch Fixes an issue with the DHCP server not starting properly on gateway units using 3.1. Stable 3-8-2006 dhcp030706
patch Updates the ethernet drivers, and hardware watchdog drivers for Qcode units using WRAP machines. It can be applied to any unit using v2.5 or greater. Stable 3-8-2006 watchdog02222006
patch Fixes a problem with the host mapping feature not working correctly on v3.1 and below Stable 2-16-2006 hostmap21606
patch Fixes a problem with the gateway wormholes not correctly connecting via the internet. This update is for Qcode versions 3.0 and above Stable 2-8-2006 31wh
patch Fixes a problem with the gateway wormholes not correctly connecting via the internet. This update is for Qcode versions 2.5 and below Stable 2-8-2006 25wh
patch Fixes an issue with mis-enetered arguments deleting the wiana.settings file. Used only for SSH users. Does not effect the GUI. This will now save a backup configuration file to /etc/wiana.settings.bak before making the change as well as correcting the overwrite error. Affects Qcode 2.5 and newer. Stable 2-2-2006 setw222006
patch For ALL versions of Qcode users who are using the download splash URL feature.  This will allow the system to cache the splash.html file that was prevously used rather than create a blank splash page if there was slowness on the network that caused a connection timeout. Stable 2-2-2006 splashcache
patch Adds the qaim feature to all versions of Qcode. It is included in 3.1 and above. It allows users to hear beeps on the ITX boards and see blinking status lights on the WRAP based on the quality of the connection. Useful in helping aim connections. Works similarly to qlink_test. Stable 1-31-2006 qaim
patch Allows all versions of Qcode to block the updating of the autoaccess list via WIANA. This was previously still possible if WIANA settings changes were locked out. Stable 1-31-2006 automacselect

Fixes a problem where the captive portal will not pick up clients if running both an atheros and prism radio in the same box.
Also fixes an issue where the gateway caller was reported down in the GUI status page.

Stable 1-18-2006 firewall011806
patch Fixes with the WRAP boxes not setting the time correctly when the box is in repeater node Stable 9-6-2005 wraptimefix
patch Adds the checkin system to Qorvus notification system Stable 8-25-2005 checkin
patch Fixes an issue with the Auto Access traffic shaping not working properly Stable 6-23-2005 autofix
patch Adds support for the PRISM 3 chipset radios Stable 4-14-2005 smc3
patch Fixes an issue with the Auto Access traffic shaping not working properly Stable 6-23-2005 firewallfix
patch Fixes an issue with the PRISM radios reseting to fragment threshold of 65534 Stable 1-11-2005 fragfix