Recent Projects

Hi-res wireless camera system for hydroelectric dam water level monitoring

MetroVancouver in Canada recently installed four custom-built Qorvus Meshcam systems at their Coquitlam reservoir which is used both for the generation of hydro-electirc power and as a major supply of municipal drinking water in Vancouver, British Columbia. The system consists of four Mobotix M15-sec hi-res cameras with dual 5MP sensors installed on a Meshcam integrated radio, back-hauled through a Qorvus Qbridge receiver equipped with dual-polarity sector antenna.

Camera Dam Screen Bldg 2Camera Dam Base 4



Specialty rugged camera system for Ford Mexico

Whiting Corporation in Monee, IL has been supplying Qorvus-built industrial camera systems to Ford Motors for several years, using standard Axis hi-res cameras coupled with our Qnode wireless product and a custom-built active-cooled switch installed on Whiting cranes equipped with Bushman die-grippers. Recently, Ford requested an upgrade due to multiple instances of accidental on-site breakage of the standard Axis outdoor camera housings. In response, Qorvus designed a custom hi-impact powered housing specifically for use with the Axis 1300 series cameras. This housing includes internal POE signal conditioning and active ventilation, and is designed to withstand accidental collisions with nearby factory equipment, dust, vibration and other challenging conditions typically found in busy automotive manufacturing facilities. Initial integration and deliveries have been made for Ford Mexico with additional systems to be delivered over the next 12 months.

This housing is available on a custom-built basis for use in the automotive and railcar manufacturing vertical markets exclusively from Whiting Corporation. For other applications please contact Qorvus directly.

Custom designed Qorvus cabinet for Axis 1367Bushman / Whiting crane



High-resolution Wireless Video Surveillance System for Hawaii’s Waikoloa Resort

Blackhawk Security, a leading security systems integrator in Hawaii, and the giant Waikoloa Beach Resort recently completed the installation of a large wireless megapixel video surveillance system covering an area of several miles. This project required that video be transmitted over multiple hops from a number of parking lots, beachfront areas, and entry-exit ways to a centralized Main Office location for storage and both local and remote retrieval over the internet. Qorvus Qlite_MB outdoor bridges, Qnode outdoor wireless mesh routers, Qbridge hi-speed wireless bridges, Mobotix and Arecont cameras, and Milestone VMS were utilized in this project.

The Qorvus wireless solution was selected because it uniquely offered not only Megapixel-resolution video without the need for buried fiber-optic cable, but also complete design, documentation, and pre-configuration services, allowing Keener technicians to install the complete system in three phases over a period of just a few weeks.



Qorvus and Specialized deliver long-range solar-powered wireless IP CCTV to City of Hesperia, CA

Specialized Installations, a leading Southern California systems integrator focusing on hi-resolution traffic intersection and construction CCTV applications for municipal clients, needed a megapixel remote monitoring system for the City of Hesperia’s major railroad grade improvement project. The system required the installation of a 5-mile high-bandwidth point-to-point wireless link using a pair of solar-powered Qorvus Qnodes on the civic center and an elevated water tower, and a pair of solar-powered Qorvus Meshcams using hi-res megapixel Mobotix cameras. The Meshcams are positioned to watch the ongoing construction and configured to record both full-motion and timelapse images to the Qorvus Customer Portal system for both private and selected public viewing.

Major highlights include:

  • High-resolution Mobotix megapixel cameras with enhanced day/night imaging 
  • Long-rang high-bandwidth wireless backhaul using solar power.
  • Secure Layer 3 wireless mesh connectivity to solar-powered camera nodes 
  • Construction timelapse recording and playback for Qorvus customer portal, with secure public static links

As with all Qorvus-supplied equipment, the system was shipped pre-configured with all needed accessories, and fully installed and configured in just two days. The Qorvus-supplied 24/7 solar plants include internal electronics to supply 12 and 48-volt POE to built-in waterproof ethernet bulkhead connections and internal data routing, so no separate nema box for power or switches was required.

City of Hesperia, CA water tower link



Qorvus Cellcam monitors world’s largest LED billboard in Times Square

A2A Media Corporation in Boston needed a high-resolution remote monitoring system that would allow their clients to securely verify ad content running on their spectacular Mediamesh outdoor electronic billboard. This is not just any billboard – but rather the world’s largest LED billboard, located in the world’s premier advertising location, New York City’s Times Square. After evaluating a number of alternatives, A2A contracted with Seattle’s  Radius Security Solutions who engaged Qorvus to build the system. Working with A2A requirements, Qorvus designed an advanced system that included:

  • High-resolution Mobotix megapixel camera
  • 3G cellular backhaul
  • Ultra-secure mesh connectivity to secondary gateway for redundancy
  • Restricted access to meet stringent NYC Port Authority requirements

As with all Qorvus-supplied equipment, the system was shipped pre-configured with all needed accessories, and easily installed in just a few hours by available manpower.




Qorvus & Radius deliver advanced 3G solar surveillance and alarm infrastructure to a leading multi-state cement products producer 

TXI corporation, listed on the NYSE,  is the largest cement products producer in Texas. TXI operates a number of plants, and several of  these have fallen prey to materials theft and vandalism due to their remote location. Looking for a solution that would serve not only for real-time megapixel video capture of trespassers, but also as a deterrent and wireless instant notification system to TXI private police, TXI contracted with  Radius Security Solutions who engaged Qorvus to build the system. Working with TXI staff, Qorvus and Radius jointly designed an advanced multi-purpose system that included:

  • 720 watt solar plant for 24/7 power with complete independence from local grids or generators
  • 120 db alarm horns and high-powered strobe lights for daytime trespass deterence
  • Ultra high-intensity instant-on 360-degree LED lighting for nightime deterrence and video capture
  • 360-degree megapixel cameras with analytics and precise, pixel-based motion zones
  • Advanced virtual fence using VM zones and wireless PIR detectors strategically located throughout the facility
  • Qorvus Cellcam 3G and local wireless connectivity instantly sends full-motion video clips to remote security and managerial staff
  • Easy pendant and secure internet access via VPN for arming, disarming, review of events, and real-time video

This sophisticated system was delivered fully wired, pre-assembled, and carefully documented directly to the plant site so that TXI personnel were able to install the system without additional technical training. Final adjustments were made by Radius techs locally and over the internet. The system is now deployed and had already captured video and audio verification of trespassers rapidly leaving the area upon the sudden and unexpected powering-on of loud alarms, strobes, and floodlights.

A stringent performance requirement brings an industry leader to Qorvus

Potatoes are among the principal crops grown in the rural farmlands of the Pacific Northwest, and prior to delivery, these and other commodities are often stored in giant, climate-controlled warehouses operated by industry leader Columbia Colstor Inc. Radius Security was hired to provide a high performance IP video system. For the outdoor areas, Radius selected Arecont 8-megapixel 180 degree angle view cameras paired with Exacq VMS to provide the coverage needed for wide angle high-resolution overview, and the ability to zoom in forensically to view extreme closup detail with no moving parts. After these cameras had been specified, Radius found that they use an IP transmission protocol requiring sub-millisecond  latency at high data rates. General-purpose wireless devices are incapable of that level of perfomance outside of a lab setting, so Radius contacted Qorvus to provide a solution that would meet this stringent requirement without breaking the bank. In response, Qorvus supplied specially-configured dual-radio Qnode™ outdoor routers set up in full-duplex point-to-point mode, allowing the project to move forward to a successful completion  without delay, and within the original budget.

A multi-state real-estate investment trust uses Qorvus to offer both megapixel surveillance and WiFi internet to residents

When Broadway Commons began to experience increasing break-ins and vandalism to residents’ vehicles parked in large, common-area parking lots, their IT department approached Qorvus and security VAR Horne Enterprises for a solution. As a value-add, Broadway also wanted to offer WiFi internet access to its residential clients. Qorvus and Horne devised a solution using Mobotix megapixel cameras, Qorvus nodes, and a back-end server running the Luxriot VMS environment. Uniquely among wireless surveillance manfuacturers, Qorvus offered a one-piece solution for both the wireless video and internet service – the Qorvus Qnode dual-radio mesh node with built-in bandwidth management and Captive Portal functions that allowed Broadway to give access to authorized residential users only, as well as limit bandwidth to those users so they would never compete with the high-speed throughput  needed for megapixel cameras. In addition, the system uses the Qorvus Client Portal for automatic email and SMS notification to network managers in the event one of the nodes or cameras is powered down.



Wireless IP Surveillance for Bexar waste water treatment facility

Recently, the Bexar Metropolitan Utility District contracted with the San Antonio office of ADT to provide an updated perimeter and asset surveillance system that would comply with new federal regulations regarding the secure storage of hazardous chemicals. Since trenching and running underground hi-bandwidth cable was impractical, ADT engaged Qorvus to supply a completely integrated wireless solution. Qorvus and ADT worked closely together to develop a site-specific plan, and prior to shipment, Qorvus technicians completely preconfigured all equipment so that it would arrive plug-and-play for Bexar’s facility. Qorvus assisted during the installation process via remote VPN tunnels to insure optimal antenna orientation and bandwidth, as well as helping the ADT tech check the IP cameras as needed. Lastly, Qorvus set up a Client Portal so that authorized ADT technicians could review installed network status and health, as well as receive email alerts in the event of power outage, from any internet-capable location.  

Police Tactical Video Tripod system

The GCPD contacted Seattle integrator Radius Security with a need for a rapid-deployment video recording and surveillance system for use in SWAT environments. This system had to work in two ways – either as a stand-alone device, or as part of a larger deployment with multiple tripods and cameras sending wireless mesh video to a command vehicle. Using our Qlite mesh radios plus outstanding work from our in-house custom-build shop, Qorvus designed and delivered the perfect solution to Radius and GCPD’s specifications. System features include: height easily adjustable from 5′ to 9′, all-weather operation, no-tool rapid assembly and teardown by officers in full gear including protective gloves, speed-dome or fixed megapixel cameras in protective housings that can be flipped up or down for roof-top or street use, dual mesh radios with built-in VPN video tunneling , and 12-hour service life rechargeable gell-cell battery assemblies.

Solar-powered Migratory Bird Remote Observation and Recording Platform

Oregon State University researchers were charged by the federal government’s Army Corps of Engineers to study a number of remote areas throughout the Pacific Northwest to develop viable alternative landing and nesting sites for the Caspian Tern, thereby mitigating current threats to Columbia River salmon.  Portland’s Real-Time Research engaged Qorvus to design and build fully self-contained, weather-resistant portable solar-powered systems that combine power conditioning, 2 terabyte local video storage, POE power for multiple IP megapixel cameras, and 3G wireless data backhaul. Qorvus has delivered five of these sytems.They have been successfully installed in remote areas of Oregon and Idaho, and are providing the critical megapixel image data that OSU research biologists require.



Traffic Surveillance and License Plate Recognition at Treasure Island

San Francisco’s famed Treasure Island was built in 1937 and, until 1996, was operated by the US Navy as an electronics and communications school. When the base was decommissioned the island was opened for use by the public, including extensive film sound-stage production work and, more recently, residential units in former military housing.

The need to keep track of the ever increasing vehicle traffic in and out of Treasure Island called for advanced surveillance methods including multiple wide-area hi-res megapixel cameras (see image below), tight license-plate capture at the intersection, and wireless links to carry the IP data back to headquarters for long-term storage. Leading Mobotix system integrators Fog City Alarms of San Francisco was chosen to design and build this project, and in turn they called upon Qorvus to supply the wireless portion of the network. The tight integration between Mobotix IP cameras and Qorvus wireless mesh solutions made the installation and commissioning process fast and easy – the entire installation was completed in a matter of three days.

Mobotix dual-sensor M12 camera via Qorvus Qnode

Multi-camera IP video surveillance solution at large military base

A large US Army base in the Midwest needed video surveilllance installed at all sidewalks and entry-exit areas at a  15-acre barracks facility. The problem – the existing ethernet network was too overloaded to handle the added traffic of multiple IP cams, and trenching thousands of feet for new cable runs was both cost and time prohibitive.

Leading surveillance contractor AES Systems, in conjunction with Qorvus VAR CPU / SolarSpy chose the Qorvus solution because of its reputation for ruggedness, extreme reliability, and ease of installation. Qorvus Qnode outdoor mesh routers were paired with Bosch IP dome cameras to provide an outstandingly solid, stable, and high-performance solution. The entire 8-node system was preconfigured at the Qorvus facility prior to shipment allowing AES personnel to easily install and commission the equipment without attending long training seminars or spending excessive time getting up to speed on the technology. The entire solution was installed, commissioned, and operational within two weeks after shipment.


Wireless Video Surveillance and Data Acquisition System for Hawaii Superferry

Keener Technologies, the leading security systems integrator in Hawaii, and Hawaii Superferry, the new large-scale vehicular inter-island ferry system, recently installed the Qorvus Qnode and MeshCam solutions at the ports of Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui, where they are being used for video surveillance, high-value asset tracking and mobile RFID applications.

The Qorvus wireless solution was selected because it uniquely offered not only Megapixel-resolution video without the need for buried fiber-optic cable, but also a robust wifi backbone that is being used by SuperFerry for secure vehicular ticket authorization using specially-designed handheld scanning terminals.

The entire system, including 15 Qnode mesh nodes and 10 hi-resolution cameras, was installed at all three ports in under six weeks from initial order placement to final installation.

Vehicle Parking Area at the Port of Maui prior to the arrival of the SuperFerry

Vehicle Parking Area at the Port of Maui after SuperFerry arrival

SuperFerry vessel arriving on its maiden passenger voyage to Maui