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Directed by Tom Sharples, our team has over 75 combined years of product design and development experience in wireless IP networking equipment and software, interactive kiosks, ruggedized embedded systems, professional services, and various related technologies. Our designs and the resulting installations are in daily use at major seaport facilities, rural internet service providers, large industrial companies, shopping malls, multi-tenant dwellings, and in urban and rural townships within the United States and internationally.

Tom Sharples
President and Chief Technologist

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Tom Sharples brings an extensive career as a Silicon Valley engineering executive to Qorvus. He has over 20 years of experience in the development and market release of a wide variety of embedded wired and wireless devices, interactive and streaming media, and professional audio equipment. Prior to founding Qorvus in 2002, Mr. Sharples served as Executive Vice-President and Chief Technologist of Imagicast, Inc. an innovative provider of interactive wireless merchandising kiosks and networks for use at retail. Prior to that he served as President and co-founder of Telescan Systems, Inc. a leading manufacturer of hardened video and music sampling and merchandising systems, whose rapid growth earned it the S.F. Business Times award as one of the five fastest-growing privately-held companies in Silicon Valley in both 1995 and 1996. Before that he served as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Personics (please see his Wall Street Journal interview), a pioneer in the digital distribution of pre-recorded music and disk-based audio editing, where he oversaw the company's R&D effort and supervised manufacturing during the company's development. Mr. Sharples also served as Engineering Manager of R&D at Otari Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of professional broadcast and studio recording equipment, and as co-founder and general partner of The Hyde Street Studios, one of Northern California's largest multi-track recording facilities, and has extensive experience in founding and helping to obtain funding for startup companies.

Mr. Sharples holds several US and international patents (latest US patent issued 2007), is a member and lecturer in the Audio Engineering Society, the Technology Network, and the IEEE. He is a co-recipient of the 1990 Smithsonian-Computerworld award for technical innovation in information technology, and the 1997 and 1998 Technical Achievement Award of the POP Advertising Institute. Mr. Sharples also holds FCC General and Commercial licenses, an FAA pilot's license, and is a member of the the ARRL and the Quarter-Century Wireless Association. Mr. Sharples studied at Lewis and Clark College, Batelle Institute, and the University of Munich. That was a long time ago.

Tom Sharples

Key Additional Contributors:

Clark Weeks
Senior Sustaining Engineer

In his role as primary sustaining engineer for the Qcode mesh software, Mr. Weeks brings over 25 years of in-depth, hands-on experience in a wide variety of networking, C, Linux, scripting, PHP, and SQL projects to Qorvus. He has contributed to a number of hi-tech companies during his career including Stream International and GTS services, where his assignments have ranged from senior-level technical support to implementation of sophisticated websites with PHP / SQL database backend integration.

Mr. Weeks studied Mathematics and Chemistry at PCC, and Computer Science and English at Oregon State University in Corvallis.
Dave Davault
Senior Field-service Engineer

In his role as Qorvus' Senior Field-service Engineer, Mr. Davault brings over 10 years of experience in all aspects of both indoor and outdoor wireless networks, including site-surveys, antenna selection and deployment, link-quality analysis and improvement, and video surveillance and mesh software setup. He has served in senior support roles for texas-based several upstream oil & gas contractors, as well as founding an independent rural ISP. In addition, he has served as senior installation technician for a large security and surveilance VAR based in southeast Texas.
Adam Sayler
Senior Engineer

Mr. Sayler brings both a BSEE degree from the prestigious School of Engineering and Computer Science at OSU and extensive software development and business experience to Qorvus, where he has been a major contributor to our Qcode mesh router software products, as well as custom software engineering to meet sophisticated client requirements. His Linux wireless networking and user interface experience ranges both broad and deep, especially in the areas of iptables firewalls, VPN, SSL, and GUI design and implementation. In addition, he has considerable experience in PHP back-end database implementation, wireless radio link setup and testing, and overall network system analysis. Prior to joining Qorvus, Mr. Sayler worked as an independent consultant developing numerous e-commerce websites and various consulting positions for companies such as AT&T Wireless and Uptick Asset Management. In addition to his BSEE, Mr. Sayler minored in Business Administration at OSU in Corvallis.

Kathryn Kessey
Senior Engineer

Ms. Kessey brought considerable depth of technical and network development experience to Qorvus. She was one of the early employees at Excite@home Networks, the pioneer in the deployment of high-speed cable modems to residential and business customers. There, she developed a suite of network management tools for performance and configuration management supporting Network Engineering, Network Operations Center (NOC), Systems Architecture and Support, Application Engineering and Support, Deployment, @Work, as well as several Marketing and Finance functions. Prior to that she served as Senior Systems Engineer for GTE Internetworking (Verizon) where she participated in the core design, implementation, and troubleshooting of multiple firewalls (Checkpoint Firewall-1) as well as assisting other GTE business units in firewall implementations.

Ms. Kessey earned her BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from the University of Oklahoma in Management Information Systems and Economics. She also received the 1993 OU College of Business Horace Brown award.


Michael Phalen
Manufacturing Engineer

Mr. Phalen has been involved with small companies all his life and has extensive experience in various mechanical and computer technologies including networking, manufacturing automation, mechanical design, customer relations and small company management. Prior to joining Qorvus Mr. Phalen worked for Platipus Software in FilemakerPro 6.0 database applications for Point of Sale, and for TechnetworkMachineryas Project Manager in an ammunition demilitarizing project. He also co-founded Summit Designs in Los Gatos, CA and was key in the design, setup and maintenance of production and the design and innovation of electro/mechanical controls, CNC programming and setup, and custom equipment and fixtures for the video duplicating and floppy disk manufacturing industries.

Mr. Phalen is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and received his A.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Morris College in New Jersey.


These key individuals are supported by carefully selected on-call consultants and resources that can be applied to your project on an as-needed basis