Our hardened Qorvus Tricam system is specifically designed for rapid deployment and teardown in outdoor tactical police settings.  It is capable of operating in both standalone and mesh networked situations, and provides durable, secure, reliable and easy to operate high-resolution wireless IP surveillance in rapidly-changing environments. This advanced system provides maximum situational awareness to local officers as well as command-vehicle via secure wireless mesh, and headquarters personnel via Verizon or Sprint cellular data.

Features include:

  • No tools required – large wingnuts allow easy assembly even when wearing tactical gloves
  • Stand-alone or multi-unit configurations available for almost every scenario
  • Deployment or tear-down in under 3 minutes
  • Up to 12 hours battery life, built-in solar or wall charger
  • Operates in street level or rooftop mode
  • Extends to 10 feet
  • Available with all popular cameras including Mobotix, Axis, and Sony
  • Available with Verizon / Sprint cellular data, Qnode wireless mesh, or wifi local-access only
  • VPN security for laptop access
  • Line-of-sight wireless range up to 5 miles
  • Can be used in standalone mode (local access by secure police laptops) or as part of a multi-tripod mesh system (local and remote access at command-vehicle or police headquarters)
  • Available custom web portal design for easy use with officer laptops
  • Two-year limited warranty







                                                                                                                               Glynn County Command Node shown in camoflage paint

Mini Command Node for stand-alone cellular-data viewing applications