Qorvus Qnode™

High-performance Industrial Video Wireless Mesh Router for Long-range Outdoor Use

With over a thousand units built and delivered, the Qorvus Qnode industrial wireless mesh networking system is a robust, reliable, and proven outdoor solution to the problems posed by conventional hardwired or short-range wifi wireless CCTV. Qnode mesh technology supports 900 Mhz, 2.4, 3.65, 4.9 or 5.8 gigahertz, for unparalleled flexibility and performance in even the most challenging environments.

Major features of this design include:

  • Single or dual FCC-certified Atheros modular radios
  • Sophisticated user-friendly GUI
  • Ultra-compact rugged form factor
  • Wide input voltage range (+9-18VDC)
  • Low current draw for solar, vehicular, or airborne applications
  • Lower hardware investment than our competitors without sacrificing service quality or performance
  • Lastest Qcode™ embedded mesh and autorouting firmware included.

Qorvus’ enhanced implementation of the highly-regarded Linux / AODV / Atheros open-source embedded wireless software acts as a complete, auto-configuring and self-healing indoor or outdoor wireless routing, networking and repeater system. This allows for a rapid and organic deployment of large numbers of low-powered low-level wireless access points throughout a community, without the need for buried cable, hard-wired backhaul or expensive high-tower centralized wireless distribution methods. 

Overhead gantry remote-viewing application using Qnode and Axis IP cameras

This robust technology can be deployed with only minimal site preparation, little or no intermediate gateway and routing hardware and engineering, and no hardwired backhaul provisioning except at a single gateway. The Qorvus Qnodewireless mesh access point allows for greatly reduced site and system engineering, easy scalability, and is inherently hack-resistant, hidden-node resistant, remotely updateable, manageable, and fault-tolerant. 

This  hardened manageable device can act as a local NAT and DHCP WiFi hot-spot serving up both local and internet-based content in infrastructure mode, while simultaneously backhauling data via secure IP tunneling through its mesh peering architecture. It can even backhaul as a client or server in a PtMP star topology, while performing all of its other functions, without any additional radio hardware, software, or antenna. 

The Qnode™ wireless cabinet for outdoor use includes rugged and versatile mounting brackets that also serves as an enclosure-traversing heat-sink, allowing the internal devices to function reliably in a variety of challenging and hostile settings. All mounting screws are stainless steel. In addition, the cabinet is treated with a powder-coated epoxy coating on the outside, and with RF conductive coating and weather-resistant gaskets on all cable-entry points. The design also features a waterproof visible LED status window and intrinsically strain-relieved cable feed-throughs to support easy installation and low-stress cable management.

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