Solar, Wireless & IP Video Engineering and Custom-build Shop
We are Your Video Surveillance Hardware & Software R&D Department

Since 2004, Qorvus has completed many custom-engineered projects and complex turn-key solutions for mission-critical applications, brought to us by our VAR partners. These projects range from technical feasibility studies and stand-alone solar-powered wireless surveillance systems for use on public airport runways, to remote-access wireless hi-res camera systems installed on multiple 50-ton die-gripper systems at major automotive manufacturing plants, and remote-access camera and pressure-wash control systems installed on the cutting face of tunnel-boring equipment.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy on wireless technologies and IP network engineering
  • Embedded systems software & firmware – Linux scripting, C++, LAMP, etc. X86 & Atheros ARM platforms
  • Electro-mechanical design & engineering; adding wireless and video to existing systems
  • Complete turn-key equipment design, installation, and technical support
  • Field-engineering and optimization of both new and existing wireless networks
  • FCC / CE / EMI consultation and managing the certification process
  • Domestic and off-shore manufacturing, with established contacts in Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest

Generally the first step in our relationship consists of one or two on-line or in-person meetings followed up by a proposal outlining deliverables, schedule, and costs. Our services are also available on a hourly basis ranging from $125 to $225 per hour.