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Qorvus is one of the best equipment and service providers
that I have ever used in my 27 years in business. Our
larger surveillance installations often require wireless because
burying cable is impractical or cost-prohibitive. Qorvus was
strongly recommended to us, and I have been really
impressed with the cost savings, ease of installation, wireless
range, and amazing performance we’ve been able to offer our
customers using the Qorvus technology.

Tom Keener,  President, Blackhawk Security

Tom, thank you again for the excellent support. You
and your guys are fantastic.

David Flanagan, President, Specialized Installations

We needed a megapixel webcam solution for our con-
struction sites that could withstand the outdoor ele-
ments and be self-sustaining. After going through several
different providers, I settled on the Qorvus Cellcam. Working
with the Qorvus team was painless. It’s a rare pleasure to work
with people who know what they are doing and have a passion
for doing it. I would recommend the Cellcam to anyone.

Raj Choudhary, Director of MIS, Nibbi Construction

Qorvus folks are wireless wizards. They specialize in wire-
less mesh networks for the security/ surveillance indus-
try, with particular emphasis on streaming IP video. It is really
nice to talk and work with someone who is truly an expert. I
have worked with Qorvus on a handful of projects with excep-
tional results in every case.

Jeff Sandine, Managing Partner, Radius Security Solutions

I chose Qorvus originally on value. I got much more than I
expected due to great expertise and great results. I found
Qorvus to be very results- and business-oriented. They are
careful about taking on business only if it makes sense. Once
committed, they take the necessary steps to make sure the
product and project are successful. They are not short sighted
and are willing to take a short-term hit if the results will be a
long-term gain. In short, Qorvus delivers on the product which
ensures the success of the company.

Bob Kehr,  Founder, Hometown Connections

We needed four megapixel IP cameras with cellular data
transmission and solar power to monitor the construc-
tion progress. The Qorvus camera system delivers high-image
quality, and the service and support they provide to us is
excellent. We utilize the cameras for both live updates and still
storage for time lapse video. The project has required the
cameras be relocated as major work areas change. The
cameras have been in service for more than two years, in
several locations. We found Qorvus equipment to be reason-
ably priced and reliable. We will utilize them on future projects,
and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone
needing a quality camera provider.

Lori Zabroski, Production Manager, JDP Media

Our company works in the fish and wildlife research sci-
ences. We came to Qorvus in search of a video monitor-
ing solution for use on remotely located bird colonies located
throughout the Pacific Northwest. We needed a custom solu-
tion that could be powered by solar, provide high quality video,
record video locally, transmit a live video feed for remote view-
ing, could be managed remotely, and was not overly difficult to
set up and maintain. Not only did Qorvus deliver four complete
systems on time, but they also stayed within our budget. This
technology allowed us to achieve our research objectives and
we would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Mike Hawbecker, VP Technology, Real Time Research, Inc.

During our history of collaboration, Qorvus has been con-
sistent in their ability to conceive compelling ideas and
quickly convert them into products that deliver superior value.
Qorvus is a master of the elusive value proposition ‘more for
less’ that many chase but few conquer.

Darwin Melnyk, President, Iron Solutions