About Qorvus Systems

Qorvus Systems, Inc. was founded in early 2002 by ex-Silicon Valley engineering executive Tom Sharples as an engineering consulting firm, primarily concentrating on interactive wireless technology reference designs and wireless feasibility studies for several Silicon Valley companies.
In 2003, Mr. Sharples became aware of an early Linux open-source effort to provide wireless mesh capability to experimenters. Seeing a great but unrealized potential in this approach, and little interest by the original developers in incorporating outside improvements to make the code more reliable and user-friendly, he decided to focus Qorvus entirely on creating a robust, user-friendly, and commercially viable branched version of the original open-source openAP / meshAP code base. This effort resulted in the initial release of Qcode™, which was the first low-cost yet fully supported commercial Linux implementation of mesh and all-in-one wireless functionality for Internet Service Providers and industrial companies. The Qcode software has continued to evolve toward ever greater reliability and performance, including Atheros and multi-radio support as of late 2005, 900 Mhz, 3.65, 4.9 Ghz support with extended bandwidth, automatic identification and configuration of attached IP cameras, and most recently MIPS RISC chipset support. Qcode has been licensed and incorporated in several third-party products including port-security and government projects for the DHS.
In addition, Qorvus designed a family of outdoor mesh access points and mesh-based cameras‚ using commercial off-the-shelf components mounted in custom designed outdoor cabinetry, providing complete, self-contained mesh, perimeter monitoring, security, and WiFi hotzone capabilities to network operators at a fraction of the cost of conventional wireless methods and products.

Since 2004, Qorvus has delivered over 2500 Qnodes™, MeshCams™, and Qcode licenses to a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and military clients located throughout the US and internationally. The company is conservatively managed using cash-flow to fund ongoing product development and continuous process improvement efforts.

All Qorvus products are developed and manufactured in the United States.

For more information please contact us at 800.757.1571 or sales@qorvus.com